LITHIUM-Batterien für AGV / LGV: Hohe Effizienz und keine Probleme!

– LITHIUM batteries for AGV / LGV –

But… how long does a lead acid battery last? …

And a lithium battery?

Traditional lead batteries represent the greatest limit to the efficiency of AGVs / LGVs. The problems arising from lead batteries are: – limited duration – continuous maintenance – low autonomy – long recharging times – high energy consumption

LITHIUM batteries solve all these problems, increasing the working time up to 30% and in addition: – ZERO maintenance – quick charge: 5/6 times faster – very long life up to 15 years

The 48 V and 96 V standard products are in the Voltmec catalog and are normally ready in stock, with rapid delivery. Voltmec quickly produces customized products up to 750 V with any capacity.

Voltmec batteries can be customized with: – customer logo – custom casing – custom communication protocols – dedicated connectors

Retrofit of existing vehicles at low cost and in quick time!

Voltmec designs and manufactures in Italy, high performance lithium batteries for the industrial sector: LGV / AGV, trolleys and movers, stationary

Voltmec batteries are used by the most important groups in the ceramic sector.

The Voltmec Team is available for a videoconference meeting or at your premises to analyze with you, the most advantageous way to replace the old lead batteries with lithium technology.