126 Ah, 96 V retrofit lithium battery for road vehicles

Reduces vehicle weight by more than 400 kg and increases carrying capacity with unwavering performance, compatible con Piaggio Porter vans originally fitted with lead-acid batteries.

Very long lifespan, improved reliability and fast charging in less than 2 hours

The battery is fully compatible and can be retrofitted.

It uses fixing points located on the original chassis and can be installed within the same footprint as lead-acid batteries following minimal mechanical modifications. .

The battery can be configured using the original electrical signals and voltages, thus avoiding the need for any significant modifications to the vehicle.

The benefits are:

  • extended lifespan, 3 to 5 times greater than a lead-acid battery depending on conditions of use
  • improved range due to the lower weight and the possibility of using all stored energy
  • improved vehicle carrying capacity with an increased payload of MORE THAN 400 kg compared to a lead-acid battery
  • shorter charging time, less than two hours using a suitable battery charger (the same as a long lunch break!) instead of the eight hours normally required by a lead-acid battery.