About Voltmec


VOLTMEC is an engineering and manufacturing company; a system of ideas, products and services focused on energy and propulsion. From conception and design to manufacture.

VOLTMEC designs, develops prototypes, manufactures and sells battery systems for vehicles and standby applications. It produces and integrates electric propulsion and develops energy and vehicle monitoring systems.

VOLTMEC’s strengths include a solid manufacturing base, as well as the expertise and proven experience of its engineers in areas ranging from the design of electric road vehicle propulsion to standby storage systems and remote terminal units for vehicles and energy.

VOLTMEC’s ideas and innovative skills are the result of more than twenty years’ experience gained by its engineers in the electric mobility sector; from conception and development to the manufacture of hundreds of vehicles and prototypes to be found on the roads.

Battery voltage ranges from 24-96 V (AGV – automated guided vehicle) up to 650-750 V (high performance propulsion, large UPS, marine propulsion).

VOLTMEC can handle small and medium-sized production runs with fast development, delivery and commissioning.


Several of the main ceramic manufacturing groups have chosen our batteries for both new AGVs and retrofit vehicles in order to update and increase the efficiency of existing plants, thus reducing costs and downtime, whilst increasing carrying capacity.

Our retrofit battery, compatible con Piaggio Porter vans, is used for its vehicles by an important leasing company

An important large UPS manufacturer has developed a 300 kW lithium version of its proprietary system using our batteries

A motorboat racing team has developed an electric version of the F1H2O powerboat using our high-voltage battery


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