Electric road vehicles can have lithium batteries even for small series…

…But the costs are prohibitive!? That’s not necessarily true …

The latest regulations that came into force following the increase in the number of BEV / HEV electric vehicles in circulation have made the specifications for batteries for electric road vehicles very stringent.

In particular, the qualification tests necessary to obtain the vehicle type-approval are destructive and therefore expensive.

Nonetheless, careful evaluation and planning make it possible to create BEV electric vehicles even with custom batteries, that is completely “tailor-made”, at affordable costs.

In general, for utility vehicles (freight transport, minibuses, buses, etc.) the cost of the tests could be divided over tens, or even hundreds, of units, thus being completely absorbed, i.e. negligible if compared to the overall cost of the single vehicle.

Voltmec technicians have a long experience in the production of batteries for road vehicles and in supporting customers in the relative tests for approval.

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