Did you know? lithium batteries have a very long operating life, even in the most demanding applications the life is 3-4 times higher than that of lead batteries.

The industry standard warranty is set by law at 12 months.

Voltmec offers customized assistance plans to guarantee its customers prompt intervention and periodic checks, as a further guarantee of reliability and consistency of service.

Voltmec, always take care of after-sales relationship with its customers, provides service by intervening promptly in the event of fault even after years from the first installation.

The customized Service Plan guarantees prompt intervention in the event of problems, this fact combined with the very low percentage of failure and the constant performance over time makes lithium batteries far more productive and with the lowest TCO in the field of storage systems.

Voltmec also offers additional guarantees including the first installation service.

The advantages of the Assistance Plan are:

-service on batteries from installation to ensure optimal operation.

-rapid service times and problem solving, with the availability of a replacement battery in order to insure uninterrupted operations of the plants.

-highly specialized technicians, travel and labor costs included in the plan.

The Voltmec Service Plan:

-improves the efficiency of systems with lithium batteries

-reduces the TCO

-eliminates any maintenance and time burden of internal staff

The Voltmec Team is available for a videoconference meeting or at your premises to analyze with you, the most advantageous way to replace the old lead batteries with lithium technology.