Voltmec’s unrivalled experience and expertise enable fast design, development and manufacturing of bespoke lithium batteries for every customer.

Use of state-of-the-art cells and cutting-edge control algorithms resulting from unmatched experience, these are the ingredients that produce optimum performance in terms of:

High power motorsport up to 20C
Fast chargeup to 5C: 80% in 15 minutes
Robustness under extreme
environmental conditions
active temperature management and multilevel protection
Excellent reliability individually selected cells with acceptance test certificate
Safety multi-sensor active and passive protection systems
Maintenance free standalone electronic control and remote diagnostics
Very long service life stringent choice of cells and components

these are the distinguishing features of Voltmec batteries.

We offer original solutions that allow fast, low-cost retrofitting of new lithium batteries on existing systems as a replacement for lead-acid batteries, whilst maintaining the existing charging system, with excellent performance benefits


All components used in our batteries are supplied by leading international manufacturers: cells, sensors, electronic components, contactors, connections and materials are chosen without cost cutting;

We have a test report for EVERY INDIVIDUAL cell used in our batteries;

All this guarantees



Whatever the application, a single failure more than offsets the savings achieved by using mediocre components!


Batteries are designed entirely in-house, from casing design to control algorithms and from wiring to modules;

The modules used in our batteries are developed in direct partnership with cell manufacturers in order to optimise quality, performance and costs.

Electrical and electronic design and, above all, control algorithms are the result of twenty years’ experience and make our batteries the very best in terms of:

Charge and discharge performance

Efficiency, resulting in reduced energy loss

Safety provided by dozens of sensors and exacting cell selection


Batteries are equipped with a communication system in order to control them and optimise performance by communicating with the power supply unit

A monitoring system using a GPRS SIM card is available and allows


It is also possible to utilise all the main industrial and automotive protocols in order to communicate with the battery:

custom protocols based on customer specifications